Friday, April 10, 2009

No Name Puppy

Well, to all those interested in what's going on with me you will be interested to hear that David and I have decided to adopt a new member into the family.  It is no longer the two of us and Soby, we now have a cute little baby puppy.  She is sooo adorable and we got her on Tuesday, April 7th!  She is only a couple weeks old and her mom was hit by a car and didn't make it.  She is a German Shepherd mix and she is so cute.  We haven't decided on a name yet. I wanted Mylie or Rylie... David wants Boca (I said "maybe"). Who knows, it's hard coming up with the perfect name.  We have to feed her puppy formula and give it to her in a bottle, so this is very interesting.  Soby is not attaching to her very quickly, in fact Soby doesn't want to get near her.  I don't think she knows what it is b/c she is so small.  Little does Soby know that this puppy is going to be bigger than she is! 

On another note, we are not moving to Alabama! YAY... I'm disappointed that David didn't get in to Jones Law School but at the same time, I felt a sense of relief.  The law school gave him the option of taking a class this summer thru the school and it would allow him another chance at acceptance..buuuuutttt it's during the month of June.  We both believe that it wasn't meant to be and that God didn't want us in Montgomery at this time.  We have moved on and are now looking at our other options.  

CHARLESTON!!!  This is where David and I have wanted to be since we both met each other (3 years ago next month - CRAZY).  Anyway, he is looking at Charleston Law School, the part-time program.  I PRAY he gets in.  He is opting for the part-time program this way we can move down there and get settled and also be able to hold a part-time job and help us out.  That way the finances aren't all on my shoulders the first year of marriage.  Even if David doesn't get in for the fall we might go ahead and move down there after the wedding and hopefully buy a house.  We'll see what God has planned for the 4 of us :)

I'll keep you posted on the happenings :0)

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